6 Benefits Of SEO For Online Business


If your business is dwelling in the online space then you have definitely come across the term SEO  for sure. There’s no doubt on how SEO plays a vital role in leveraging traffic to your website.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves your website ranking on the search engine.  When you type a keyword on Google, you land up on a page where the first few web links or the websites you see are actually an indication that they have a great SEO.

This is how an online business website can benefit from SEO.

1. Attract more customers

Seo is the most affordable marketing strategy available for your online business.  If you are keen on spending time and small amount of money on SEO, then you’ll see an increase in your website traffic as well as more customers to your business.

2. Brand Awareness

A good web presence means more trust from users.  Small businesses can benefit from SEO as it will help them build brand awareness.

3. Focus On Newsletter

When we say a good SEO approach, it means a good traffic reach. To maintain a positive traffic reach build get in touch with your customers through newsletter. It’s a fact that newsletter has a greater impact than social media. Then why not use some newsletters to maintain a good SEO.

4. Cost-Effective

Audiences who are specifically searching for your product or services would easily land up on your page if our SEO is doing great. The reason it is cost effective because SEO focuses on the targeted audience.

5. Reach New Markets

It’s not a brainer that online marketing, in general, has transformed the world of business. With the help of SEO, it is possible to reach out to the audience in a different country even though your business operates in another country.

6. Website Is User- Friendly

A great SEO will help your website to have a faster, smoother and user- friendly experience. This will automatically upgrade user experience as well. A simple, uncluttered and well-structured website allows even a casual visitor to stay on longer on your website.

High 5 to SEO!

5 Effective E-mail Marketing Strategies


Did you know more than 34% of the worldwide population use e-mail and that’s almost 2.5 billion people in the world? To put it simply, e-mail marketing is a powerful method to reach out to your target audience and is a part of your business and marketing plan.

Just in case you were wondering how it works and how much effective e-mail marketing is, then check out these few strategies.

1.Personalize your e-mail

Personalizing your e-mail messages mean that you should create messages using customer data. This means you should not use “Dear valued customer” instead it is like Dear (the customer’s name). Messages should be based on individual buyer’s history and not same for every customer. E-mails carry a lot of value and play a key role in customer experience.

2. The subject line

Yes, the length of your subject line matters. It is found that a subject line of 60-70 characters doesn’t work at all. In fact, there is no click on e-mails with a subject line of 60-70 characters. So, even if you have a solid content the subject line plays the main role.

3. E-mail is stronger than social media channels

This may come as a surprise to you, given the popularity of social media. Believe it or not inbox content still, has a stronger online influence than other social media channels. It is more effective in converting new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

4.  Activate your silent subscribers

You must have come across some inactive users on your list. It is said that subscribers are less likely to follow up your updates. To get them active start with a re-engagement campaign strategy. This would typically have a catchy subject line and a more engaging content.

5. Analyze timing

Focusing on what time of the day works best for sending e-mails is crucial. There is analytical software that can help you determine the time of the day that works best for a given demography. Besides, find out what works best and do more of that.

So, put your creative hat on and compose some interesting mails. For further queries contact us at  info@leanflo.co


Can I Register a Company With Just One Director?

For registering a Private Limited Company, it is a must to have at least two directors. But, there are many situations when the founder is a single person and does not have a second co-founder. In this case it becomes inevitable to register the company with just one director.


One-Person Company


One Person Company was started by the government to help entrepreneurs start businesses without any hassles. OPC extends the concept of a Limited Liability Company to one person instead of two founders. Besides Indian citizens, Foreigners, NRIs as well as organizations can also start an OPC in India. Following are the main requirements to set up an OPC:


  • One Shareholder
  • One Director
  • One Nominee
  • Physical Address for Registering the Company.


Completely Online Process


The process of starting an OPC is completely online and one does not need to be physically present at any government office for submitting documents. All the required documents have to be scanned and sent via mail to our experts, who then prepare the file in order and submit to the respective government authorities to get the registration completed.


Conversion into a Private Limited Company


Incase an OPC exceeds a turnover of INR 2 Cr or a paid up capital of INR 50 Lakhs, it must be converted into a Private Limited Company. The process of starting a PLC can be accesses https://leanflo.co/my-support/company-registration/

How To Register a Trademark Online for Your Business?

Trademark is a tool to help you distinguish your business from other competitors. A registered trademark not only gives you exclusive rights to use the brand in a particular geographical region, but also legally desists your competitors or other businesses to use the same brand/logo/name for promoting their products or services.


Registering your trademark online is a very simple process and it just takes 3-5 days to get TM number issued for your brand and you can start using the same. Below are the 5 simple steps for getting your brand registered as a trademark:


  1. Trademark Form: You need to fill a simple form for trademark registration. The information asked is very simple and is to be submitted online. Share the form with our team along with the required documents.
  2. Trademark Research: To make sure that no one else is using the same trademark as yours, our team of experts will do a trademark research and ensure that you are the only business which can exclusively use the trademark.
  3. Select Trademark Class: There are 45 classes from which our team of experts will help in selecting the appropriate class form your trademark. This depends on the nature of your services or products. Selecting an appropriate class is a must as it benefits your business to defend the trademark in that particular class in the long run.
  4. File Trademark Application: Once the documents are complete and the appropriate class is selected, the application is filed with the government office for securing the trademark and obtaining the TM registration number. Once the TM number is issued, you can start using the TM mark on your logo or brand name.
  5. Trademark Registration Completed: It takes approximately 18 months for the government department to issue the trademark registration for your brand. Once the registration number is issued, you have the exclusive rights to use the brand for your products or services.


Trademark registration is a very simple online process for which you do not have to visit any office physically. Our team of legal experts will help you through out the process and file the application on your behalf.  It is a simple process and does not cost much. The long term benefits of registering your trademark are immense.


For registering your trademark, reach out to us at info@leanflo.co or place your online request https://leanflo.co/my-support/trademark-registration/

How Can I start Online Business in India?

Setting up an online business or taking your offline business online is very easy. Not only it is easy, it also gives you access to millions of customers online. The number of customers you can reach online is almost impossible to reach by offline methods.


More the number of customers more are the chance of selling your products and service and increasing your revenues.


Many of our customers have reported an increase of more than 300% increase in orders and revenue within 12-18 months of taking their business online.


You can also start your online business or take your existing business online in four easy steps:


  • Register a Company (Optional initially but Preferred): Although it is not mandatory to register your company before starting an online business, it is preferred to register one. The easiest way to register your business is to register it as a Private Limited Company. You can register your company https://leanflo.co/my-support/company-registration/


  • Website: An online business must have a website for customers to learn about your products and service offerings. If you are selling services, you require just a basic website which gives details about the services you offer. The customers can place an enquiry for a follow-up via call or mail.

Incase you want to sell products online, then an ecommerce website which displays multiple images of your product and options for online payments is a must. You can share your requirements for making a website https://leanflo.co/my-cto/website-development/


  • Digital Branding: Once your business is registered and website is up and running, you need to create a strong brand visibility for your business. For creating brand awareness and reaching out to customers on social media, one needs to create social media accounts and keep them updated on a regular basis so that customers are kept engaged. A perfectly planed social media strategy can help in growth of business by leaps and bounds. You do not need to build an in-house team for social media strategy. You can outsource the function and seek services from experts at nominal charges https://leanflo.co/my-cmo/brand-biz/


  • Customer Acquisition: A business must attract paying customers to become successful and sustainable. Besides marketing, there are various Customer Acquisition techniques to attract customers interested in your products and services. Again, you need not build an in-house team to manage your marketing and customer acquisition campaigns. You can reach out to our experts for building and managing your marketing and customer acquisition campaigns https://leanflo.co/my-cmo/customer-acquisition/


How can LeanFlo Inc. help?


LeanFlo Inc. is a one-stop-shop for startups and small businesses to avail all the services they require to start, scale and manage their businesses. We act as an extended arm of our client’s business, which helps them stay lean and still manage to execute all the functions like a large organization.


Feel free to reach out to our teal at info@leanflo.co for sharing your business requirements and scheduling a discussion with out experts.



How To Start Digital Marketing for Your Business?

In today’s age and time, most of the customers do an online search before making a purchase of a product or seeking services. If your business does not have any online presence, however good your product or service is, you have already lost half the battle.


Creating a strong online presence for your business can me divided into two important areas:


  • Digital Branding: Your business needs to have a strong digital presence on all social channels. Not only you need to create business accounts/profiles on various social media channels but also keep them updated on regular basis to keep the followers engaged with your business. Some important channels to create and maintain your digital branding:


  1. Social Media: Your business must have presence on Social Media Channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pintrest etc. These are platforms with hundreds or millions of registered users. Having presence on these platforms gives you instant access to millions of relevant customers for your business.


  1. News Letter: A professional Company Newsletter is one of the best ways to keep your customers engaged. With a monthly newsletter, you can keep your customers updated on the new services or products launched by your business. This helps in strengthening brand recall in the minds of the customers and help them comeback again and again to seek your services.


  1. Professional Blog: A well maintained professional blog helps in establishing you are your business as a thought leader in your functional area and not just another service provider. It has been proven that good content on the blog is one of the most effective methods to create a long-term brand presence.


  • Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing campaigns help in communicating your message about your products and services to a targeted audience in a focused manner. Marketing campaigns are designed and executed in a very precise manner to attract relevant customers for your selected products and services. The key elements in planning and executing digital marketing campaigns are:


  1. Facebook Ads: Facebook is a very effective medium for running display and lead generation campaigns. With the help of advanced tools and targeting techniques, marketing professionals can run very precisely targeted campaigns to attract relevant customers. Only limitation of Facebook ads is that only Facebook users can see and respond to them.


  1. Google Ads: Google ads can be run in multiple ways. Two of the most popular ways are Google Display Ads and Google Keywords Search Ads. Google provides much more versatile options than Facebook for running marketing campaigns.


How can LeanFlo Inc. Help?


LeanFlo Inc. is a one-stop-shop for startups and small businesses to avail all the services they require to start, scale and manage their businesses. We act as an extended arm of our client’s business, which helps them stay lean and still manage to execute all the functions like a large organization.


For setting up a discussion with out digital marketing experts and setting up your digital branding and marketing framework, write to us at info@leanflo.co or visit us at https://leanflo.co/my-cmo/brand-biz/