4 Steps to Use LinkedIn to Increase Your Increase Sales

How to USe LinkedIn for Sales
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  • Use LinkedIn to Increase Your Increase Sales

    If you thought that LinkedIn was just for creating professional contacts and nothing more, you are probably not using LinkedIn to its true potential. LinkedIn is much more than just creating a profile and collecting virtual business cards. Many a business professional have used LinkedIn for building a strong sales pipeline. Here are four simple steps to build relationships and increase sales via LinkedIn.

    Build Quality Connections:

    Use LinkedIn to find and connect to the professionals you think might be the best-fit for your product or services portfolio. Create a grid to map your service offerings to the professionals who might need them. Then build a strong network for each of these Services.

    Keep in touch with your network:

    Once you have a strong network, keep them updated with new updates, information, industry news, events etc. take a non-sales approach to build the trust factor with your network.

    Stay active in groups:

    Be an active member of various professional groups. Professionals love to discuss on various issues and challenges they are facing on a daily basis. Try to share your advise and inputs to help others. This is also a place where you can share helpful industry articles and news. Avoid too much self-promotion. Just stick to sharing knowledge. If the knowledge you share is worth it, people will automatically reach out to you.

    Make your pitch:

    Once you have established your personal brand and have gained the trust of your network, people will see value in reaching out to you. establish yourself as a thought leader. Once someone reaches out to you for sharing his issues and challenges, subtly make a pitch for your services or products elaborating on how they can be helpful in resolving those issues.

    Anybody and everybody who is working full-time of even part-time has a LinkedIn profile. With the detailed profiles that good professionals maintain on the LinkedIn Platform, it becomes a treasure trove for reaching out to the right people.

    Build a strong network, create a strong personal brand and then find the right candidates for your services.



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