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    Some companies are recognised by the brands that they have built and not by their actual names. Your brand carries the ‘goodwill’ created by your work in the market and the mind of the customer. Incase your brand name or visual representation is not trademarked, it can be copied by competitors to create similar looking logos/creatives or similar sounding names to confuse the customers and eat away your market share.

    Besides your market share being eaten by copy-cats, there are multiple other reasons that you should trademark your brand. We have listed top 5 reasons you must trademark your brand:

    1. 1. The Process is Easy (and Cheap): Filing a trademark registration does not cost much and is easy to do. The complete process does not cost more than INR 6500 and involves minimal documentation to get your brand a trademark.
    2. 2. Great ROI:   Although the cost of getting a trademark is not much, the ROI it offers is great. In a small cost it offers you a strong protection against fraud by competitors who intend to capture your customers’ mindshare and your firm’s revenue.
    3.  3.  Exclusive Rights to Use: Registration of a trademark gives you exclusive rights to use the trademark in the given geographical area. No other competitor can use the trademark in that particular area. Further, it gives you enough options to expand the use of your trademark in additional areas.
    4. 4. Stronger Legal Protection: A trademarked brand has much stronger legal protection than a non trademarked brand. If some competitor copies your brand and tries to capture your market, it is not only difficult but impossible to defend your territory if you have not registered it as a trademark. A brand registered as a trademark gives you legal protection against such copying and fraud.
    5. 5. Avoiding Unwelcome Change: While registering your trademark, the experts will do a trademark search for you. In case a similar brand is already registered, it will come out right then. Incase you haven’t done trademark search and registration, the business which already has rights to the brand can always take legal action and force you to change your trademark. This is a very unwelcome change to make your customers aware of the change in brand identity.

    Thus, trademark registration is a must for a business to defend its goodwill, customer mind-share and revenues.

    How can we help?

    At LeanFlo Inc. we work closely with startups and small businesses to help them start, grow and manage their businesses.

    Our in-house team of experts will help you at every step to trademark your brand and help protect your business from copycats and competitors.

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