6 Effective Principles Of Web Design

6 Principles Of Web Design
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    The design of your website can make it or break it. It plays an important role in the process of conversion.  While the look and feel of a website are essential, it is the functionality that can change the entire game.

    Here are few effective web design principles that will make your website visually pleasing, smooth accessibility, and engaging.

    1. User’s Attention

    Making your website’s user interface attractive will retain users on the website. It will attract their attention, hence allowing users to explore your web page.

    2. Clear Communications

    When users browse through your web page, their expectation is to get the information they are searching for. This is the reason why a clear communication becomes crucial and the readability and comprehensiveness should be easy a well.

    3. Colours And Images

    The right implementation of colors and image can be extremely beneficial in user experience. The usage of complementary colors will create balance and harmony while using contrast colors for text and background will enhance readability. The selection of the right image will help in brand positioning and reach the target audience. Try to focus on including info graphs, videos, and graphics.

    4. White Space

    White space is the blank space between graphics, images, texts, space between lines and columns. The concept of white space is an important designing principle since it will help the website appear less cluttered.

    5. Keep It Simple

    Truth be told, though the design is crucial to attracting target audience, it is the simplicity of delivering the information that keeps your audience linger on your website. This particular principle should be the very goal of website designing.

    6. Accessible On Mobile

    Making your website mobile friendly is important in today’s day and age. People access website through their mobile phones and other electronic devices that come in various screen size. This means your website should adjust according to the width of the screen.

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