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  • Today, whenever a customer needs a product or a service, the first thing he does is to search on Google (or for that matter any other search engine). If your business does not have a website, you have already lost to the competition.

    Besides just the basic existence in the world of business, there are four key reasons that you MUST have a website for your business:

    • Your Window to the World: The website is your window to the world. Everyone cannot come physically to your store or factory to check out the products or services you offer. The website provides customers the first contact point to reach out to you and understand your offerings.

    The customer, rather than spending a lot of time and effort on physically finding your business, will buy from another competitor who has online presence.

    • Search on the Internet: Today, any customer who needs to buy a product or a service, first searches on the Google. If your website does not exist, there is no way that the customer will ever come to know about your business.


    • Brand Awareness: More important than making a same online is to build your brand online. The more customers know about your brand, the more are the chances of them making a purchase from you.

    A website, combined with other tools and online resources, can help in a building a very strong brand and consumer awareness in a very small budget.

    How can LeanFlo help?

    We at LeanFlo work with a lot of small businesses and startups to help them start their businesses from scratch and grow them into fully functioning ventures.

    We have teams that can help you set up a wonderful website for your business in a budget that first your pocket.

    Feel free to reach us out ay info@leanflo.co or +91 9560 332121

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