5 Effective E-mail Marketing Strategies

5 Effective E-mail Marketing Strategy (1)
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    Did you know more than 34% of the worldwide population use e-mail and that’s almost 2.5 billion people in the world? To put it simply, e-mail marketing is a powerful method to reach out to your target audience and is a part of your business and marketing plan.

    Just in case you were wondering how it works and how much effective e-mail marketing is, then check out these few strategies.

    1.Personalize your e-mail

    Personalizing your e-mail messages mean that you should create messages using customer data. This means you should not use “Dear valued customer” instead it is like Dear (the customer’s name). Messages should be based on individual buyer’s history and not same for every customer. E-mails carry a lot of value and play a key role in customer experience.

    2. The subject line

    Yes, the length of your subject line matters. It is found that a subject line of 60-70 characters doesn’t work at all. In fact, there is no click on e-mails with a subject line of 60-70 characters. So, even if you have a solid content the subject line plays the main role.

    3. E-mail is stronger than social media channels

    This may come as a surprise to you, given the popularity of social media. Believe it or not inbox content still, has a stronger online influence than other social media channels. It is more effective in converting new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

    4.  Activate your silent subscribers

    You must have come across some inactive users on your list. It is said that subscribers are less likely to follow up your updates. To get them active start with a re-engagement campaign strategy. This would typically have a catchy subject line and a more engaging content.

    5. Analyze timing

    Focusing on what time of the day works best for sending e-mails is crucial. There is analytical software that can help you determine the time of the day that works best for a given demography. Besides, find out what works best and do more of that.

    So, put your creative hat on and compose some interesting mails. For further queries contact us at  info@leanflo.co


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