Idea 2 Funding Workshop by LeanFlo Inc.

Idea 2 Funding Workshop, LeanFlo Inc.
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  • LeanFlo Inc. is a one-stop-shop for startups and small businesses to avail all the services they require to start, scale and manage their businesses. We act as an extended arm of our client’s business, which helps them stay lean and still manage to execute all the functions like a large organization.

    Leanflo has started a new series, “Idea 2 Funding” Workshop. The workshop focuses on exactly what the name suggests, on how to convert your idea stage to a funding stage. Leanflo has successfully conducted three “Idea 2 Funding ” Workshops in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. The seeding and development stage is the earliest stage for a startup when your ideas and plans will begin to take a shape. This is a crucial stage and carries the potential to make or break your business. The ultimate priority of the workshop is to mentor them and provide them an all-rounded support to startups and small enterprises helping them set up and run their businesses without any hassle and most importantly, within their budget.

    The Idea 2 Funding workshop guides step by step on how to tackle all the hurdles faced by a  startup venture. The mentorship centers on how to validate your idea, how to set up websites, operations, and how to acquire your first 100 customers. Every business at their infant stage would want to have a solid business plan for its growth. The workshop completely guides on the basics of business plan preparation, how to create a killer pitch-desk, and managing the finances of the company. An important discussion took over the investor kit that covered how to find the best investors for your venture, and how to build an investor info pack. The session also covered the importance of social media for business.

    LeanFlo. Inc’s first Idea 2 Funding workshop went on-board at 11 a.m. in the city of Mumbai. Our enthusiastic entrepreneurs started to join us at around 10:30. We kick started our session with an introductory round followed by a discussion on the ‘Idea Stage’. Next, we conducted the workshop in Delhi where a group of 10 entrepreneurs joined us and the session started as usual with an introductory round. The third workshop for this series was conducted in the city of Pune

    LeanFlo is happy to announce that it is expanding its workshops to various cities in India.That being said, Leanflo is expanding their offices in different cities as well.

    Leanflo has successfully built business relationships from these three workshops and is proud to inform that all they are still maintaining a healthy contact. We are proud to share that we are living up to the promise that we made to our customers and to ourselves.

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