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  • AirBnB is one of the greatest success stories of recent times. The idea of AirBnB was born out of the founders’ need to make to extra cash on the side by renting out extra space in their apartment. The idea appealed so much that it later evolved into a multi-billion dollar unicorn.

    We at LeanFlo Inc. have analysed the pitch-deck that was used by the founders to raise their first round of funding. This will be immensely useful for the entrepreneurs at idea or prototype stage to collate their thoughts and put them across to the investors in a clear and concise method.

    AirBnB Pitch-Deck Analysis:

    The deck consists of 10 slides spread across three key areas 1) Clearly defining the problem and its solution 2) Market size and validation and 3) Competition analysis and advantage. Below is the slide-by-slide analysis of the deck:

    • Welcome Slide:








    The first slide just mentioned the name of the venture (which at that time was AirBed& Breakfast) and the tagline. The tagline – ‘Book rooms with locals, rather than hotels’ summarised the business plan in a single line.

    • Problem definition:

    The second slide clearly defines the problem that the venture was trying to address. Make a note that the problem is split into three major parts or the sub-parts of the problem.

    • Solution:

    The solution slide provides an over-all solution to the problem by providing a solution to all the three sub-parts of the problem.

    • Market Validation:

    Market Validation slide deals with the total size of the market and how much of that part is the target market for AirBnB.

    • Market Size:

    After the market validation, the next slide details the exact market that the venture is focusing on.

    • Product:

    After identifying the problem and the size of the problem in the terms of market size, the deck presents the product through which the venture provides a solution to the problem. The slide also brings to notice that using the product is very easy and solves the problem in three simple steps.

    • Business Model:

    Once the problem and its solution is identified, the next important thing is to craft a business model. The business model of the venture is – ‘Who Pays, How Much, For What?’.

    • Market Adoption:

    The market adoption slide is basically a sub-set of the ‘Go-To-Market’ plan. This slide explains the strategy taken by the venture to reach out to the target customers.

    • Competition:

    The competition slide graphically projects the direct and indirect competition on four quadrants built on the two axis of Affordability and Online/Offline medium.

    • Competitive Advantage:

    Post listing down the competition, the last slide is the Competitive Advantage where it is clearly mentioned that how the venture has advantage on its direct and indirect competition.


    The biggest learnings from the AirBnB Pitch-Deck are:

    • Keep things Simple
    • Have a clear understanding of the Problem, its Solution and the Size of the Market
    • Have a clear plan on how you are going to address the problem and the roadmap to deploy the solution.

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