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  • For a Startup marketing is a very important function. Branding and Marketing functions not only make the brand visible to the target customers, but also brings warm leads and confirmed orders from audience. Having said that, building a good marketing team in-house by a startup is not easy. Every startup has a lot of constraints on both monetary and non-monetary resources. It takes approximately INR 1 Lakh per month in just salaries to build a digital marketing team with junior resources. This amount increase by many folds if one intends to bring in senior resources in the team. On top of it one has to spend the money on running marketing campaigns.


    Instead of building an in-house team, the startup should outsource the digital marketing function to an external agency or freelancers. An external agency will cost you anywhere between INR 7,000 per month for basic digital marketing services to INR 25,000 for advanced services. This is a direct saving of more than 90% on just the salaries.


    The Challenge


    Although the above arrangement looks very attractive, not many startups are successfully able to execute it. Many of them are not able to correctly evaluate the skills of the agencies/marketing teams and end up hiring the wrong agency. This is something to be avoided of very carefully.


    How can we help?


    LeanFlo Inc. works very closely with startups and small businesses to help them execute majority of the functions that they would require to start, grow and manage their venture, but do not intend to do it in-house.


    We have in-house teams for marketing, which specialize in Digital Branding, Social Media Management and Customer Acquisition. Our team have helped dozens of startups in growing and scaling their businesses. We would like to help you as well in doing the same.


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