How To Register a Trademark Online for Your Business?

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  • Trademark is a tool to help you distinguish your business from other competitors. A registered trademark not only gives you exclusive rights to use the brand in a particular geographical region, but also legally desists your competitors or other businesses to use the same brand/logo/name for promoting their products or services.


    Registering your trademark online is a very simple process and it just takes 3-5 days to get TM number issued for your brand and you can start using the same. Below are the 5 simple steps for getting your brand registered as a trademark:


    1. Trademark Form: You need to fill a simple form for trademark registration. The information asked is very simple and is to be submitted online. Share the form with our team along with the required documents.
    2. Trademark Research: To make sure that no one else is using the same trademark as yours, our team of experts will do a trademark research and ensure that you are the only business which can exclusively use the trademark.
    3. Select Trademark Class: There are 45 classes from which our team of experts will help in selecting the appropriate class form your trademark. This depends on the nature of your services or products. Selecting an appropriate class is a must as it benefits your business to defend the trademark in that particular class in the long run.
    4. File Trademark Application: Once the documents are complete and the appropriate class is selected, the application is filed with the government office for securing the trademark and obtaining the TM registration number. Once the TM number is issued, you can start using the TM mark on your logo or brand name.
    5. Trademark Registration Completed: It takes approximately 18 months for the government department to issue the trademark registration for your brand. Once the registration number is issued, you have the exclusive rights to use the brand for your products or services.


    Trademark registration is a very simple online process for which you do not have to visit any office physically. Our team of legal experts will help you through out the process and file the application on your behalf.  It is a simple process and does not cost much. The long term benefits of registering your trademark are immense.


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