How To Start Digital Marketing for Your Business?

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  • In today’s age and time, most of the customers do an online search before making a purchase of a product or seeking services. If your business does not have any online presence, however good your product or service is, you have already lost half the battle.


    Creating a strong online presence for your business can me divided into two important areas:


    • Digital Branding: Your business needs to have a strong digital presence on all social channels. Not only you need to create business accounts/profiles on various social media channels but also keep them updated on regular basis to keep the followers engaged with your business. Some important channels to create and maintain your digital branding:


    1. Social Media: Your business must have presence on Social Media Channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pintrest etc. These are platforms with hundreds or millions of registered users. Having presence on these platforms gives you instant access to millions of relevant customers for your business.


    1. News Letter: A professional Company Newsletter is one of the best ways to keep your customers engaged. With a monthly newsletter, you can keep your customers updated on the new services or products launched by your business. This helps in strengthening brand recall in the minds of the customers and help them comeback again and again to seek your services.


    1. Professional Blog: A well maintained professional blog helps in establishing you are your business as a thought leader in your functional area and not just another service provider. It has been proven that good content on the blog is one of the most effective methods to create a long-term brand presence.


    • Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing campaigns help in communicating your message about your products and services to a targeted audience in a focused manner. Marketing campaigns are designed and executed in a very precise manner to attract relevant customers for your selected products and services. The key elements in planning and executing digital marketing campaigns are:


    1. Facebook Ads: Facebook is a very effective medium for running display and lead generation campaigns. With the help of advanced tools and targeting techniques, marketing professionals can run very precisely targeted campaigns to attract relevant customers. Only limitation of Facebook ads is that only Facebook users can see and respond to them.


    1. Google Ads: Google ads can be run in multiple ways. Two of the most popular ways are Google Display Ads and Google Keywords Search Ads. Google provides much more versatile options than Facebook for running marketing campaigns.


    How can LeanFlo Inc. Help?


    LeanFlo Inc. is a one-stop-shop for startups and small businesses to avail all the services they require to start, scale and manage their businesses. We act as an extended arm of our client’s business, which helps them stay lean and still manage to execute all the functions like a large organization.


    For setting up a discussion with out digital marketing experts and setting up your digital branding and marketing framework, write to us at or visit us at



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