Are You a Techie Afraid of Being Laid Off? Why Not Start Your Own Business? Let Us Help You!

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  • Everyday we wake up to the news of one or the other IT company having laid off or planning to lay off hundreds if not thousands of employees. While the numbers might be debatable, the writing is clear on the wall – IT is has lots its charm.

    If you are an working in an IT firm, the odds are that you would have had thoughts of starting your own business. Why work for someone when you can start working on the wonderful ideas that you have been nurturing for years now? But, majority of people don’t know how and where to start. It may sound daunting, but is not as tough as it sounds.

    At LeanFlo Inc, almost daily we are approached by people who want to start their own venture but have no clue where to start. The experts at LeanFlo Inc. have created a very strong framework to help you launch your own venture with ease. With decades of experience of launching successful ventures across various industries, our experts have created ‘Venture Success Startup Packages’ to help convert ideas into ventures. These pocket-friendly packages take care of everything that you require to launch a successful venture.

    Some of the key elements of our StartUp Packages are:

    1. Company Incorporation (as a Private Limited Company)
    2. Logo Design & Visiting Card Design
    3. Creating Social Media Presence
    4. Online Branding
    5. Digital Marketing
    6. Customer Acquisition
    7. Business Plan
    8. Financial Plan

    How much will it cost you?

    The Venture Success Packages start at as low as INR 80,000 for helping you launch the venture in 3 months. For more details check here.


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