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  • All business registered under GST have to compulsorily file the monthly/quarterly and annual returns based on the type of business.

    Every Registered dealer has to file a return that includes:

    • Sales
    • Purchase
    • Output GST on sales
    • Input GST on purchases


     Types of GST Return

    Return Particulars Interval Due Date
    GSTR-1 Outward Supplies of taxable goods /services Monthly 10th of the following month
    GSTR-2 Inward Supplies of taxable goods/services Monthly 15th of the following month
    GSTR-3 Monthly return on the basis of finalised figures of sales and purchases along with payment of tax Monthly 20th of the following month
    GSTR-3B Provisional return for the period from July to March 2018 Monthly 20th of the following month
    GSTR-9 Annual return Annually 31st December of next financial year

    Due Dates based on Latest Notification


    Quarterly Returns

    Taxpayers with annual turnover upto Rs1.5 crore can file quarterly return

    Period Due Date
    July to Sep 10 Jan 2018
    Oct to Dec 15 Feb 2018
    Jan to Mar 30 April 2018

    Taxpayers with annual turnover of more than Rs1.5 crore

    Period Due Date
    July to Nov 10 Jan 2018
    Dec 10 Feb 2018
    Jan 10 Mar 2018
    Feb 10 Apr 2018
    Mar 10 May 2018

    GSTR-2 and GSTR-3

    Filing dates for GSTR-2 and GST-3 has been extended and will be notified by the government later.


    All businesses are required to file GSTR-3B by 20th of the next month till March 2018.