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Trademark Registration

The most important task after the company registration is registering the trademark for your business. Many a business had to face legal issues and change their names of logos because they did not register the trademark while launching the business.

A trademark is a symbol, word, or words legally registered as representing a company or product. It is thus an identity of your Business and since Goodwill of a Business lies in it’s name, therefore it must be protected. LeanFlo Inc. helps you secure the business name, brand name and the trademark for your logo to help you mitigate the challenges that businesses have had to face in the past.



  1. 1. Fill a simple form and submit relevant documents (1 Day)
  2. 2. Trademark experts search and make sure that the required trademark is available (1 day)
  3. 3. Depending upon the nature of your products, the appropriate class is selected from 45 available classes (1 Day)
  4. 4. Trademark application is filed and TM Number issued (3 days)
  5. 5. Trademark is registered

Professional Fees

  • 1. SME/Start-Up Applicants: INR 1,999
  • 2. Individual Applicants: INR 2,499
  • 3. All other applicants: INR 2,999

Government Fees:

  • 1. SME/Start-Up Applicants: INR 4,500
  • 2. Individual Applicants: INR 4,500
  • 3. All other applicants: INR 9,000

For initiating the trademark registration for your brand, fill the contact form on the right or write to us at info@leanflo.co

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